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Measuring Organisational Culture and Employee Engagement

Most senior executives and business owners have some level of preoccupation with catalysing their culture to higher levels of performance and/or excellence. In a world characterised by exacting deadlines, relentless competition, limited resources, globalisation and unwavering expectations from customers, shareholders and employees alike, “culture” seems to be so much more important these days and must…
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Connect the dots…

In my last article entitled “Improving leadership potential” I wrote about the need to have clarity about expectation and current state. The diagnostic phase… Having undertaken rigorous diagnosis, attention now moves to the process of ‘shifting the needle’… One of my best friends and a genuine mentor for many years, Glenn Dobson, owns the KONA…
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Goods for Greater Good!

As many of you will have seen on LinkedIn we recently announced our partnership with NFP Good360 Australia. We’ll be providing a range of people capital services to them, assisting them to attract, select, develop and retain high-performers, all pro-bono. Good360 connects charities with businesses looking to donate excess non-perishable stock (kitchenware, clothing, furniture, Manchester,…
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The First 90 Days

For many folks this year will mark the start of a new role, quite possibly with a new organisation. Many will be rolling up to their new corporate offices, 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' with a sense of excitement, enthusiasm... and maybe just a little concern. The concern could be borne of any number of…
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This Valentine’s Day, Love your Employees!!!

At Peoplogica our motto is “Love Your Work”. It’s a state of mind we’re dedicated to helping everybody achieve. And by helping you to identify and help your team members do what they are best suited to, chances are your colleagues (and boss) will be saying it more often, about your work too! With Valentine’s…
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Head & Heart Leadership (The 14-Inch Journey)

Let me kick off with a bold statement... Leadership is a verb. Not a noun. It's a series of considered actions and behaviours which have the intent of garnering willing followership For over 15 years I've been banging on about my belief that the purpose of leadership is, ultimately, to create a culture of leadership where a critical…
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The Power of ‘And’

I probably ought to walk away from the keyboard right now and not write this article. Because I'm cranky. My Mother always said "Take a deep breath, count to 10 slowly and reassess what you're thinking of doing." Good advice Mum - I'm going to ignore it today though...See, I'm getting so tired of the…
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Malcolm In The Middle… Lead The Way

The corporate world has been delayering for a couple of decades now, shedding headcount from all levels of their organisations. When it's all said and done though there still tends to be 3 levels of stratification - the senior executives, middle management and the folks who do what gets invoiced, the workforce.  (more…)
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