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Three Reasons Your Employees Are Miserable At Work

I recently read an article by Marcel Schwantes titled “3 Reasons Your Employees Are Miserable at Work (and What to Do About It)” and he identified the three root causes of job misery being: Anonymity The feeling employees get when they realise their manager has little interest in them Irrelevance When employees cannot see how…
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If it is good enough for Google – maybe you should consider it !!

No one has ever purposely hired a poor performer, and yet about 25% of all employees are considered as not-yet-competent by their managers. You would think that these same managers would then look at how the hiring process went wrong and investigate how they could improve the outcome in the future. Because surely everyone would…
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Do you want HR innovation? Start by asking yourself: “Is there a better way?”

When was the last time you asked yourself this very simple question? or When was the last time your HR, L&D and management teams reviewed current people capital outcomes, and the underlying processes, and then actively questioned whether there were potentially better options available via new/different technologies and processes? It is clear that CEOs want…
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Millennials have been dealt a lousy hand and employers now have to fix it

Late last year Simon Sinek was interviewed about Millennials/Gen Y (1981-1997) and the challenges that employers are facing in the management of this generation. This would be the most insightful discussion I have heard about this most complicated generation and below I have attempted to summarise the salient points. Simon talks about the “entitled” Millennial’s…
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The C-Suite is getting very frustrated with HR, but who is to blame?

Before we look at who is to blame and why, we first need to look at the underlying reasons senior management teams are getting frustrated with their HR/L&D teams.   These are the challenges facing the C-Suite: ​70% of Australian workers are either ambivalent or completely disengaged in their jobs - Gallup, 2013 47% of Australian…
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HR Tech Fest 2016 – What did we learn?

Over 520 HR professionals converged on Melbourne to celebrate and share ideas on talent, technology and innovation that is transforming the future of work. After two days of presentations, views, commentary and discussions, a definite theme emerged: “To become more relevant to the C-Suite HR professionals must embrace disruption and innovation and solve business problems,…
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Why am I hiring a champion one month and a dud the next?

It must be one of the most frustrating aspects of being a manager and business owner, no matter what you do there is a level of inconsistency in the selection process that would never be tolerated in other parts of your business. Which begs the question: “Why are most managers happy with the inconsistency of…
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How to consistently SELECT future High Performers!

There can be no doubt that choosing the right people for the right jobs is one of the most important contributors to organisational effectiveness. However, in many organisations, rather than being systematic and using sound, objective evidence, the recruitment selection process is a relatively unstructured, intuitive and gut-feel process. The problem with this approach is…
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