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Conflict Resolution Is One Of The Most Critical Skills Of Any Manager

Conflict is inevitable within the workplace. This is especially true given that the modern workplace actively aims to encourage a diversity of backgrounds, political leanings, ethnicities, genders, and sexualities. That diversity results in a broader range of ideas and innovation. The challenge that it creates is that it also means that there will be times…
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 What Qualities Do You Want In A Leader?

Business leaders need to wear a lot of hats. They need to keep projects on time and on budget, report on team performance and take directions from their direct reports and/or the company board, and manage their team all the while looking to help build success stories. It’s a lot to manage, and the consequences…
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Why it’s important to allow employees to provide feedback on their managers, too

There are many different forms of feedback within an organisation, and while often overlooked, the 360 degree assessment is an essential one. Traditional forms of feedback can include: Performance Reviews – generally an annual review in which the employee’s overall performance and growth as an individual is assessed. These reviews are generally accompanied with pay…
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Leadership Development – It actually starts with YOU!

Executives have the greatest impact in most, if not all organizations. Their interconnected network directly affects the success of the organization, as most business decisions go through them. As such, it is crucial for these leaders to receive all-round feedback on their leadership competencies and capabilities from all stakeholders. The result of such feedback will…
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