Monthly Archives: January 2016

Head & Heart Leadership (The 14-Inch Journey)

Let me kick off with a bold statement... Leadership is a verb. Not a noun. It's a series of considered actions and behaviours which have the intent of garnering willing followership For over 15 years I've been banging on about my belief that the purpose of leadership is, ultimately, to create a culture of leadership where a critical…
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The Power of ‘And’

I probably ought to walk away from the keyboard right now and not write this article. Because I'm cranky. My Mother always said "Take a deep breath, count to 10 slowly and reassess what you're thinking of doing." Good advice Mum - I'm going to ignore it today though...See, I'm getting so tired of the…
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Malcolm In The Middle… Lead The Way

The corporate world has been delayering for a couple of decades now, shedding headcount from all levels of their organisations. When it's all said and done though there still tends to be 3 levels of stratification - the senior executives, middle management and the folks who do what gets invoiced, the workforce.  (more…)
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