Monthly Archives: February 2016

The First 90 Days

For many folks this year will mark the start of a new role, quite possibly with a new organisation. Many will be rolling up to their new corporate offices, 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' with a sense of excitement, enthusiasm... and maybe just a little concern. The concern could be borne of any number of…
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This Valentine’s Day, Love your Employees!!!

At Peoplogica our motto is “Love Your Work”. It’s a state of mind we’re dedicated to helping everybody achieve. And by helping you to identify and help your team members do what they are best suited to, chances are your colleagues (and boss) will be saying it more often, about your work too! With Valentine’s…
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Lessons of the square watermelon!

Maybe this story about square watermelons will make you challenge the way you currently recruit and performance manage your people!   If nothing else you will be asking yourself “Is there a better way?   ---------------------------------   Japanese grocery stores had a problem, as they are much smaller than Australian supermarkets, they really don't have…
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