Monthly Archives: March 2016

When do your managers really need an external coach?

There are three indisputable facts when it comes to providing coaching and training to managers and employees: We know that about half of the training is wasted, we just don’t know which half We find it hard to justify using an external resource, mainly due to us not wanting to admit we can’t do it…
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Is Deloitte really banning Performance Reviews?

I recently read an article by Alec Bashinsky (Head of People & Performance, Deloitte, Australia) regarding Deloitte banning performance reviews. My first thought is that this is a classic case of throwing out the baby with the bath water until I read further that they are actually not banning performance reviews, they are in fact…
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10 Tips to keep in mind when Implementing 360 Degree Leadership Surveys

1. Establish Clear Goals Before implementing a 360 degree leadership development program, it is imperative that the management team first agree on the purpose of the program including expectations, timelines, measurements to be used and a process to ensure accountability for ongoing development (i.e. development of Leadership Action Plans). 2. Do not rely on Generic…
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