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10 Tips to keep in mind when Implementing 360 Degree Leadership Surveys

1. Establish Clear Goals Before implementing a 360 degree leadership development program, it is imperative that the management team first agree on the purpose of the program including expectations, timelines, measurements to be used and a process to ensure accountability for ongoing development (i.e. development of Leadership Action Plans). 2. Do not rely on Generic…
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The First 90 Days

For many folks this year will mark the start of a new role, quite possibly with a new organisation. Many will be rolling up to their new corporate offices, 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' with a sense of excitement, enthusiasm... and maybe just a little concern. The concern could be borne of any number of…
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Head & Heart Leadership (The 14-Inch Journey)

Let me kick off with a bold statement... Leadership is a verb. Not a noun. It's a series of considered actions and behaviours which have the intent of garnering willing followership For over 15 years I've been banging on about my belief that the purpose of leadership is, ultimately, to create a culture of leadership where a critical…
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